Freitag, 30. Dezember 2011

DreaDnuT is making a Beat (modern Roots Reggae Riddim Instrumental Version) Dec. 2011

Catch some Producing Vybes, and watch DreaDnuT @ his 12 Gates Music Studio, building a quick modern Roots Reggae Riddim. He is showing you, how to lay the Instrumental Tracks, to make a Reggae Beat within a few Minutes.
You can get a Step by Step Instruction of the developing Process of a hot Roots Riddim Version.

DreaDnuT working on a Beat. This is a Live Shot of a Quick Riddim Making Session, which was held @ 12 Gates Music Reggae Producing Studio, on Dec.30, 2011. Creating some conscious Reggae Vybes and laying some Midi Tracks in a Reggae Style. For more Informations and Details watch the Video on Youtube

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