Freitag, 30. Dezember 2011

DreaDnuT is making a Beat (modern Roots Reggae Riddim Instrumental Version) Dec. 2011

Catch some Producing Vybes, and watch DreaDnuT @ his 12 Gates Music Studio, building a quick modern Roots Reggae Riddim. He is showing you, how to lay the Instrumental Tracks, to make a Reggae Beat within a few Minutes.
You can get a Step by Step Instruction of the developing Process of a hot Roots Riddim Version.

DreaDnuT working on a Beat. This is a Live Shot of a Quick Riddim Making Session, which was held @ 12 Gates Music Reggae Producing Studio, on Dec.30, 2011. Creating some conscious Reggae Vybes and laying some Midi Tracks in a Reggae Style. For more Informations and Details watch the Video on Youtube

Donnerstag, 29. Dezember 2011

Backbiter Video / DreaDnuT ls. 3rd Son Levi and Mykal Issajah

Check out this Collaboration of DreaDnuT, 3rd Son Levi and Mykal Issajah.  Backbiter Tune  is a  Combination Style of 3 Reggae Artists. 3rd Son Levi is a Reggae Singer from Texas and Mykal Issajah is an young and upcoming Reggae Artist from Germany. Released on Youtube in 2010.
Backbiter is a german Reggae Dancehall Track, recorded @ 12 Gates Music Studio, on Backbita Riddim Instrumental Beat. 12 Gates Music is DreaDnuT's Reggae Recording Label, located nowadays in Flossenbuerg( Germany) and Jamaica Queens ( New York City ). The Riddim was composed and produced by DreaDnuT. The Lyrics were written by DreaDnuT, 3rd Son Levi and Mykal Issajah. The Video is produced by Framekitchen Films.

Dienstag, 27. Dezember 2011

DreaDnuT is recording Michael Fabulous (Never gonna be the same) @ 12 Gates Music Studio

Catch some Vybes of a hot Studio Session, kept in the late Autumn of 2009, when DreaDnuT was meeting Michael Fabulous for a Recording Session @ the 12 Gates Music Camp. Hope You can enjoy it.

Mikey Fabulous from Jamaica is voicing ''Never gonna be the Same'' on Lucky Strike Riddim, a classical, modern Roots Reggae Instrumental Beat, composed and produced by DreaDnuT. This Tune has been released on the ''Ghettovibrations Compilation'' and is available to download, just fallow the Link below. 

Montag, 26. Dezember 2011

Outlaw in Babylon/ Video/ DreaDnuT in Queens NYC

Take a look at DreaDnuT's ''Outlaw in Babylon'' Video, showing the Hoodlife of Jamaica Queens in New York City. The Tune was released 2007 on the Album ''Harm No Man''.


Samstag, 24. Dezember 2011

Nieder mit den Waffen / DreaDnuT in Deutsch

DreaDnuT is rapping in german Language. ''Legt die Waffen nieder'' on Cloudy Day Reggae Riddim Instrumental                                                 From the Album ''Harm No Man''. Available to download right here

Mittwoch, 21. Dezember 2011

DreaDnuT/ Best Rated Youtube Video/ Freestyle Live Recording Studio Session

DreadnuT is doing a live Recording Session @ 12 Gates Music Studio 2005

Here You can get an Impression of DreaDnuT's Flows and Skills on the Mic.
The Videoshots were taken from a  Live Soundsystem Studio Session. 

1. More Unity on the classical Clap Riddim
2. Nieder mit den Waffen on Jam down Riddim
3. Peace and Love on Gunman Riddim 

Dienstag, 20. Dezember 2011

My Most Viewed Youtube Video of this Month (Dec. 2011)

                               Take a look at my most viewed Video of this Month, hope you will enjoy it.
                                    (For more Informations and Details, read the Description on Youtube)

Envious Reggae Dancehall Riddim Instrumental Beat 2011, mastered Version, Instrumental Version composed and produced by DreaDnuT. Audio and Video Copyrights are owned by DreaDnuT.
Produced @ 12 Gates Music Studio, Reggae Recording Label (Flossenbuerg, Germany).

Album Release 2011 ''Ghettovibrations Compilation''


Sonntag, 18. Dezember 2011

Follow me on YouTube

Greetings and Peace to ya All, just follow me on my Youtube Channels and check out more of my Work. Hope to see you there. Leave Comments on my Vids and subscribe to my Channels. Apreciate your Support. May Jah guide and protect you along the Way. Peace and Love.


Freitag, 16. Dezember 2011


The Holy Bible

Read your Bible a Chapter a Day, from Genesis to Revelation.
A Chapter a Day, keeps the Devil away.
By following this, you will find the Truth for yourself and Guidance for all your future Actions.
The Bible is a Book, containing the full Truth, but its sealed with 7 Seals, containing 7 Dispensations. By reading it a chapter a day,
the Truth within it, will be revealed unto you Step by Step.
Try it and you will see!!!!

Donnerstag, 15. Dezember 2011

Check out my Latest Riddim Video (Stony Heart Reggae Instrumental)

Beat Film Making of Stony Heart Reggae Dancehall Riddim Instrumental Beat 2011, Ragga Beats, Dancehall Instrumental Riddim, Rap Beats, Hip Hop Riddim, Riddim Version, Instrumental Music, Instrumental Reggae Rap, Instrumental Reggae Hip Hop,Instrumental Beats,Instrumental Music, Freestyle, Reggae Instrumental Version, Reggae Riddim, Riddim Version, Riddim Instrumental, Instrumental Beats Video, conscious reggae riddims, Riddim Instrumental, Instrumental Riddim Version,Instrumental Background Music and Reggae Riddim Video was produced by DreaDnuT 12 Gates Music(Flossenbürg/Germany). the videoshots were taken in Queens and Manhattan(NYC).Reggae Riddim Version Ruffmix made in Logic 8 Studio. All Copyrights are owned by DreaDnuT.
I'm a German Reggae Riddim Maker and been making Instrumental Reggae Dancehall Beats since 15 Years. Working with Cubase SX and Logic 8 Studio.
I'm producing Reggae since the early 1990s.
Reggae Music is the Heartbeat of the People, Music is the Key to Your Soul and Heart.