Sonntag, 25. März 2012

DreaDnuT/ Woodland Reggae Dancehall Riddim/ Monthly Riddim March 2012/ Youtube Video Release

Greetings to One and All, after a hard working Month I'm so happy to present my monthly Riddim Project of March 2012. Woodland Riddim is a ruff Reggae Dancehall Riddim Version, a Ragga Beat, a Raggamuffin and Bashment Instrumental Beat. Peace and Love to you All, may Jah guide and protect you along the Way.

The Riddim and Video is composed, produced and mixed by Original DreaDnuT @ 12 Gates Music Studio in Flossenbürg, Germany. All Copyrights are reserved by DreaDnuT. Woodland Riddim was first released as Video Edition on Youtube on February 26, 2012. For more Informations, Details and more Beats click the Link

Styles: Woodland Riddim, Reggae, Dancehall, Dance, Hall, Ragga, Raggamuffin, Bashment, Riddim, Version, Music, Instrumental, modern, Riddims, Beats, Instrumentals, Versions, Riddim Version, Riddim Instrumental, Instrumental Beat, Original, DreaDnuT, YouTube, 12 Gates Music, German Reggae Composer, German Reggae Recording Label, German Reggae Producer and Engineer, Dub, Dubmusic, Musicvideo, Flossenbürg, Germany

Donnerstag, 15. März 2012

Ras Bekk / Jamaica where me born / New Youtube Videorelease / From the Album ''Ghettovibrations Compilation''

Greetings to Each and Everyone, here is the Post for today, one more Videorelease of the current 12 Gates Music Sampler ''Ghettovibrations Compilation''. Ras Bekk's Tune ''Jamaica where me born'' on Gangsta's Paradise Riddim Version. The Video has been released a few Day ago by Lion Love Muzic on Youtube.

Label: 12 Gates Music Germany/ Queens NY USA, Riddim, Mix and Recording by DreaDnuT, Mastering by Freeman @ Spicerecords Studio.
Available on all Download Stores, so go get Your Copy, click the Link

Mittwoch, 14. März 2012

Lucky Strike Selection/Mix/ Released on the ''Ghettovibrations Compilation''

Greetings to Each and Everyone, here is a Promomix Video, which I have discovered a few Days ago on Youtube. It's a Mix of the Lucky Strike Selection, which is released as Download on the 12 Gates Music Sampler ''Ghettovibrations Compilation''. Thanks to DJLASSANA1, who was releasing this Promomix as Youtube Video on His Channel

Label:12 Gates Music Germany/ Queens Ny USA
Music produced by DreaDnuT / Mastered by Freeman @

Tunes and Artists:

1. Down Inna Babylon by King Kong
2. Rasta Skoolroom by MC Trooper
3. Never Surrender by Nardo Ranks / DreaDnuT/ Ras Bekk
4. More Ganja by Ras Bekk
5. Not Afraid by Roller B.
6. Get Rid A It by DreaDnuT
7. Never Gonna Be The Same by Michael Fabulous
8. Hard Times by Skinne John

All Tunes are available to Download, to purchase Your favorite Tune click The Links 

Dienstag, 13. März 2012

DreaDnuT/Best German Reggae Dancehall/ Freestyle Session/ May 2011/ Special Youtube Video

Greetings to One and All, here is a special Post for all Lovers of original, cultural and selfmade Reggae Dancehall Freestyle. This Video was shot May 2011 @12 Gates Music Studio, showing DreaDnuT in a Live Studio Recording Session, riding and voicing the ''Envious Riddim'' and the ''Roadrunner Riddim''.
Enjoy the Vibes by Watching and Listening to One of Germany's best and hottest Reggae Dancehall Artist @ Work.

All Music, Riddims and Video was made and created by DreaDnuT. For more Informations and Freestyles click the Link

Tunes: Roots Rock Attack on Roadrunner Riddim/ Get Away on Envious Riddim

Styles: Modern Roots & Culture, Reggae Dancehall, Raggamuffinstyle, Freestyle, Bashment, original, DreaDnuT, Youtube Video, Live Recording, Studiosession, 12 Gates Music, German Reggae Artist, German Reggae Recording Label, Rasta, Bible, Prophecy, Gospel, Conscious Reggae, Consciousness

Montag, 12. März 2012

DreaDnuT/ Roadrunner Reggae Dancehall Riddim Version/ Youtube Video

Greetings to Each and Everyone. Time to present one of my topviewed Riddim Video on Youtube. Roadrunner Riddim is a classical Reggae Dancehall Riddim, which I have made a few Years ago and it went thru many Studios all over this World and his been voiced by international and wellknown Reggae Artists.

Riddim and Video produced by DreaDnuT @12 Gates Music Reggae Label and Recording Studio. First released as 7 inch Selection 2005. Also available on DreaDnuT's ''Harm No Man'' Soloalbum. For more Beats and Informations click here

Styles: Reggae, Dancehall, modern Roots, Riddim, Version, Beat, Beats, Instrumental Music, Instrumentals, Riddim Instrumental Beat, DreaDnuT, 12gates Music, Outlaw in Babylon, Harm No Man, German Reggae Composer and Producer, Dub, Dubmusic, Flossenbürg, Youtubevideo

Sonntag, 11. März 2012

DreaDnuT /Special of the Month /Studio Live Freestyle/ Recording Session March 2012 /Youtube Video Release

Proudly presenting the new Video Release, a Roots Reggae Dancehall Freestyle Recording Session, of DreaDnuT. Enjoy DreaDnuT's original and unique Raggamuffinstyle, voicing the Wag Water Riddim in a german Raggamuffinstyle @ the 12 Gates Music Studio in Flossenbuerg(Germany).

Riddim, Vocals, Performance, Engineering, Mix, Video and Production by DreaDnuT, the original german Reggae Dancehall Artist, Composer and Singer. First released as Videoedition on Youtube, click the Link for more Informations and  the Videodescription

Styles: Reggae, Dancehall, Roots, Ragga, Bashment, Raggamuffin, Studio, Live, Recording, Session, Freestyle, Cashflow Riddim, Riddim Version, Instrumental Beat, Special of the Month March 2012, 12 Gates Music, Original, DreaDnuT, OriginalDreaDnuT

Donnerstag, 8. März 2012

DreaDnuT / Monthly Top 10 Videos on Youtube /Playlist March 2012

Greetings to One and All, just a quick Post for today. Check out my selected Playlist of my Top 10 Videos of March 2012, on my Youtube Channel. It is a Mix of Freestyle Sessions, Beatmaking Tutorials, Riddim Beat Film Making and diverse Stuff. So if you are interested, just click the Link and check it out