Mittwoch, 14. März 2012

Lucky Strike Selection/Mix/ Released on the ''Ghettovibrations Compilation''

Greetings to Each and Everyone, here is a Promomix Video, which I have discovered a few Days ago on Youtube. It's a Mix of the Lucky Strike Selection, which is released as Download on the 12 Gates Music Sampler ''Ghettovibrations Compilation''. Thanks to DJLASSANA1, who was releasing this Promomix as Youtube Video on His Channel

Label:12 Gates Music Germany/ Queens Ny USA
Music produced by DreaDnuT / Mastered by Freeman @

Tunes and Artists:

1. Down Inna Babylon by King Kong
2. Rasta Skoolroom by MC Trooper
3. Never Surrender by Nardo Ranks / DreaDnuT/ Ras Bekk
4. More Ganja by Ras Bekk
5. Not Afraid by Roller B.
6. Get Rid A It by DreaDnuT
7. Never Gonna Be The Same by Michael Fabulous
8. Hard Times by Skinne John

All Tunes are available to Download, to purchase Your favorite Tune click The Links 

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