Donnerstag, 29. Dezember 2011

Backbiter Video / DreaDnuT ls. 3rd Son Levi and Mykal Issajah

Check out this Collaboration of DreaDnuT, 3rd Son Levi and Mykal Issajah.  Backbiter Tune  is a  Combination Style of 3 Reggae Artists. 3rd Son Levi is a Reggae Singer from Texas and Mykal Issajah is an young and upcoming Reggae Artist from Germany. Released on Youtube in 2010.
Backbiter is a german Reggae Dancehall Track, recorded @ 12 Gates Music Studio, on Backbita Riddim Instrumental Beat. 12 Gates Music is DreaDnuT's Reggae Recording Label, located nowadays in Flossenbuerg( Germany) and Jamaica Queens ( New York City ). The Riddim was composed and produced by DreaDnuT. The Lyrics were written by DreaDnuT, 3rd Son Levi and Mykal Issajah. The Video is produced by Framekitchen Films.

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