Donnerstag, 27. September 2012

DreaDnuT/ Raggamuffin Live Freestyles Mix/ Medley/ best of Selection

Greetings to ya All, here is a selected Mix, a Medley of the Best of DreaDnuT's Raggamuffin Live Freestyle Studio Recording Sessions. Enjoy it and have a great Time. Jah bless Ya All. 1 Love


DreaDnuT Raggamuffin Freestyle Medley,german Reggae Dancehall Live Studio recording Sessions, 2012, recorded @ 12 Gates Music Reggae Label Germany( Flossenbürg). DreaDnuT is a german Reggae Artist and Rapper
Track 1. Tricksters Reggae Dancehall Riddim Version / Ragga Bashment Instrumental Beat by DreaDnuT
Track 2.Deliverance Reggae Hip Hop Dancehall Riddim Version/ Instrumental Beat by DreaDnuT
Track 3. Wag Water Reggae Dancehall Riddim Version/ Ragga Bashment Instrumental Beat.
For more Informations, watch it on youtube, just click the Link

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